To get a custom signage solution from Xtream Signs, simply reach out to our team either by phone or through our website's contact form. Provide us with details about your signage requirements, including the type of signage, size, design preferences, and any specific features you'd like to incorporate. Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your vision and objectives. We will then develop a comprehensive signage solution tailored to your needs, including a detailed quote outlining the cost and timeline. Our goal is to deliver a custom signage solution that exceeds your expectations and effectively communicates your message. Contact us today to get started!

Absolutely! Xtream Signs has extensive experience in managing and executing large-scale signage projects. Whether you need signage for a corporate building, retail complex, or event , we have the expertise and resources to handle projects of any size. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your vision is brought to life, delivering high-quality signage on time and within budget.

The timeframe for completing a signage project depends on various factors, including the complexity of the design, size of the project, materials involved, and our current workload. We strive to provide realistic project timelines and ensure efficient progress throughout the process. Once we understand your specific requirements, we can provide you with an estimated timeline for the completion of your signage project.

Absolutely! Our team at Xtream Signs includes talented graphic designers who can assist you with the design and artwork for your signage. Whether you have a clear vision in mind or need help developing a concept, we will work closely with you to create visually appealing and effective signage that aligns with your brand and messaging. Our goal is to bring your ideas to life and exceed your expectations.

Yes, we offer signage maintenance services to ensure your signs remain in excellent condition. Regular maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of your signage and ensures that they continue to convey your message effectively. Whether you need repairs, cleaning, or routine inspections, our experienced team can provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your signs looking their best.

While our primary focus is serving the Auckland region, we have the capability to handle nationwide signage projects. We understand the logistics and challenges involved in working across  the country and can provide comprehensive solutions to meet your needs. Contact us with details about your signage project, and we'll work with you to determine the best approach.

At Xtream Signs, we utilise a variety of high-quality materials to create durable and visually appealing signage. Our materials include acrylic, aluminium, PVC, stainless steel, corflute, ACM and more. The choice of material depends on factors such as the location of the sign, its purpose, and the desired aesthetic. We will guide you in selecting the most suitable materials for your signage project.

Yes, we can assist you with navigating the necessary permits and regulations for signage installation. Depending on the location and type of signage, there may be specific requirements and regulations to adhere to. Our team is well-versed in local signage regulations in Auckland and can guide you through the process to ensure compliance and a smooth installation experience.

At Xtream Signs, we take pride in our commitment to exceptional quality, personalised service, and attention to detail. Our team is highly skilled and experienced, utilising the latest technology and techniques to deliver outstanding signage solutions. We prioritise customer satisfaction, ensuring clear communication throughout the process and delivering on our promises. With Xtream Signs, you can expect professionalism, reliability, signage that makes a lasting impression and will last the test of time.

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