AA Manukau - installation of large ACM panels and 3d Lettering AA Manukau - installation of folded ACm sign of aluminium frame AA Manukau - installatioin of 2 metre circular panel and 3d lettering AA Manukau - completed signage featuring 3d lettering, ACM panels over aluminium frames and PVC canvas AA Manukau - completed signage featuring PVC canvas over aluminium framing, 3d lettering and vinyl application AA Motoring at Cavendish drive, Manukau. 3D sign and large fabricated circle installed.
3d Signage, ACM, Building Signage, CNC Routering, Design, Plastics, Signage, Structural Design, Window Graphics
About This Project

This was quite a challenging job as you can see. We needed to apply the yellow vinyl to glass angling away from the scaffolding, which required a bit of ‘creative’ application technique. We fabricated the large yellow backing circle behind the AA logo and fixed that over an existing circular window frame. The AA logo is black vinyl, the ‘Motoring’ letters are 15mm black acrylic. Getting the 2mtr circular sign into place required pulling it by hand up the side of the building and around the inside of the scaffolding, a wee bit challenging.

The Auto Centre sign at bottom front is folded ACM over an aluminium frame we made in our workshop, fitted in 4 pieces and fixed to the aluminium mullions.

We used PVC canvas and a flexible frame for the Auto Centre signs either side of the rounded roof and created an aluminium folding frame with stretched PVC canvas for the large square signs either side of the angled roof. This had to be manhandled into place around the scaffolding too but it was quite light so not too difficult.

The end result is a new outlet for AA which has massive impact on a very busy road.

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