Gull fuel 8 metre pylon sign installation at Kaitia 3D lettering on the Gull shop at Kaukapakapa Gull logo as a 3D vacuum formed plastic moulding on the cedar clad pylon we created specially for the Kaukapakapa site Cedar clad Gull Pylon sign at Kaukapakapa Sign installation at Gull Kaitaia Xtream signs paying attention to detail during sign installation at Gull Kaitiaia
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About This Project

Xtream signs have been the preferred sign supplier for Gull (fuel stations) since 2010. We work closely with Amplifier design to print, manufacture and install all Gull branded items on every site in New Zealand, as swell sponsored events and promotions. Xtream signs are directly involved with establishment of all new petrol stations, being hands on with installation of the 8 mtr pylon signs and winged canopies over the pumps, right down to the finishing touches such as placement of pump numbers and even the plastic nut covers on the hold down bolts. We outsource manufacture of these large steel framed signs but do have the facility to produce aluminium frameworks ourselves.


This relationship with Gull has seen us develop over 80 sites nationwide now, with Gull’s recent expansion into the South Island and more to come. A regular aspect of our involvement is maintenance. We conduct site checks of the ACM fascia panels which wrap around the canopy of the forecourts on older, larger stations as well as replace damaged panels – which happens with surprising regularity.


Health and safety is taken very seriously by Gull and ourselves. Whenever we enter a Gull site for installation or maintenance, we are required to undertake a safety briefing outlining all safety procedures, identifying hazards etc, as well as wearing flame retardant overalls or clothing. As you can imagine, a petrol station has the potential to be extremely dangerous so we are careful to maintain high levels of safety and professionalism at all times.


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