Piha store sign plywood 3d cut letters Piha store plywood 3d lettering preparation Piha store sign - production Piha store sign installation by Xtream signs piha store sign replacement by Xtream signs
3d Signage, CNC Routering, Installation, plywood, Signage
About This Project

This was a really satisfying job using 18mm marine grade plywood, milled into 3d lettering on our CNC router table. We only replaced the smaller sign at the beach end of the store but it contains the most lettering and decorative features so was a really great wee challenge using proper sign making techniques, and the end result looks brilliant.

Once milled, we coated in a clear cabothane and fixed the individual letters to the backing board via the template, making for an easier installation on site. Each letter and decorative piece are fixed on with small screws through the backboard.

By the look of the rest of the signage it won’t be too long before the other signs need replacing too, so keep an eye out for additions to this post.

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