Not every sign company does their own installation, but Xtream signs do. Our lead installer was a cabinet maker for 25 years, which adds an extra level of finesse to our finishing.

Safe and correct installation of the final product is essential to a successful project. Not just the install but safe transportation to the site is paramount, so we take every care to protect your valuable new sign.

Of course ‘installation’ covers a wide range of scenarios, from applying decals to a window, to installing a 12 mtr pylon. Rest assured we are experienced in every facet of our installs, and never underestimate the value of experience because sometimes things just don’t go to plan. When that happens we need to think on our feet and adjust accordingly, which is difficult if you’re not sure of what you’re doing in the first place.

Recent Work.

3d Signage / CNC Routering / Installation / plywood / Signage
piha store sign replacement by Xtream signs

3d Signage / ACM / Building Signage / Case Studies / CNC Routering / Design / Plastics / Signage / Structural Design / Window Graphics
AA Motoring at Cavendish drive, Manukau. 3D sign and large fabricated circle installed.

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