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Auckland based sign company Xtream signs are your small but perfectly formed signage company. Our clients range from nationwide brands such as Gull and Tank to your local sparky. Like most sign companies, we can look after all your signage needs, except sky signs, we don’t do those, too scary. So if most sign companies offer the same service, why choose Xtream Signs?

We have three points of difference:

our CNC Router
our vast experience
our customer service


Most sign makers use external suppliers to produce their 3D lettering or cut and shape their substrates. With our own cutting table we do all of that inhouse, saving you time and money.

Within our small team we have approximately 110 years of relevant experience, from design through production to installation. So we can anticipate potential issues and offer solutions. We know which product will best suit specific locations and requirements, so you can have peace of mind that you’ll get a great outcome.

Like most tradies, signwriters can be a bit slack with their customer service, so that is something we are focused on improving. We know how frustrating it is when suppliers are slow to respond, if they do at all. So we make every effort to respond to enquiries same day (fingers crossed!)

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